Steampunk City

Life in this town carried on like clockwork. In fact, the clocktower dominating the skyline dictated every aspect of citizens’ schedules. Entirely dependent on the clock’s timekeeping, citizens lived by the orders of the gilded chronograph.

…And now, the clock has stopped.

As the best tinkerers in town, you have been summoned by the Council to address this grievous problem. Restore the internal steam engine and get the clock ticking again before the entire town devolves into chaos!

Escape Rate Of 32.7%

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  • Steampunk City
  • $25.00

  • 60 mins
  • 6 People Maximum
  • Age Restriction: 10 – 13 y/o (full room must be booked to avoid playing with strangers)
  • Age Restriction: 14 & 15 y/o (with adult supervision playing in the same room)