Crazy Cat Lady

The owner of the house, Edith, is on a three-day vacation.  Edith is normally a homebody, but after some convincing from her friends, she has left her cats and is on vacation. Her cats are everything to her and she trusted you to take care of her cat babies while she’s away.

Something has gone terribly wrong — her favorite cat has gone missing!  Edith is very attached to all of her cats and will be home in an hour.  Please find the missing cat before she arrives home and truly goes crazy.

Escape Rate Of 592%

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  • Crazy Cat Lady
  • $25.00

  • 60 mins
  • 6 People Maximum
  • Age Restriction: 10 – 13 y/o (full room must be booked to avoid playing with strangers)
  • Age Restriction: 14 & 15 y/o (with adult supervision playing in the same room)

We will re-open on July 17th in our new location at 300 Church St., Bldg B Staunton

Due to COVID-19 the following precautions will be taken for the safety of our customers and staff

  • Masks are required while in common areas (they can be removed once in the escape rooms).
  • We ask that everyone wash their hands upon entering the building and before leaving.
  • All games will be private until further notice.
  • Extra time will be given between each game in order to properly clean and sanitize rooms.