How awesome is it?

Very, but don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself

Can I buy a gift vouchers/certificates?

Of course! These are electronic vouchers and are valid for five years from the date of purchase, and can be used in any of our rooms.

book now book now You can also purchase hard copy gift certificates on location.

How much does it cost?

The cost for our public games which run Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday is $27 per player.

Do you have corporate or private packages?

Yes!  All of our corporate and private packages include access to all rooms, complimentary beverages and game hosts.  Please contact us for more information and prices. 

All private events are offered year round outside of our normal business hours.  Please email beth@crackthecodeescaperoom.com for more information.

What are your hours?

Friday: 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Thursday by appointment only.
Email info@crackthecodeescaperoom.com to make arrangements.
Many requests can be accommodated even on short notice.

Our rooms are available year round for private events such as team building, birthday parties, etc. outside of normal business hours.
Email beth@crackthecodeescaperoom.com for more information.

Is this scary?

No . Some of our rooms are a little on the creepy side for atmosphere's sake.

Bathroom Break?

Press the exit button to exit and your host will let you back in when you’re done but keep in mind the clock does not stop.

Locked or Sealed Objects?

If something doesn't move or has a DO NOT TOUCH sticker, it must stay in a fixed position in order to work properly. So don’t try to force it, please.

Code Not Working?

If it's not working, try it on something else.  Or maybe it doesn’t go to anything at all, come on it’s called a challenge for a reason

How many folks can fit in a room?

It varies; some rooms comfortably hold 6, while some hold up to 8. Check out our different room capacities here.

Are cell phones allowed in the room?

No we are sorry we don't want people taking pictures and ruining the fun for others.  Please leave your phones or we have a secure place to lock them up and you can have back after the game.

How long does this take?

Participants have 60 minutes to solve all the clues and puzzles within the room. PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE your scheduled play time.

How does the ticketing work?

Tickets are purchased online through our reservations page. Online bookings are made securely through Bookeo and require Credit or Debit Card information at the time of purchase.

Are tickets refundable?

No. Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase. You can however, reschedule your appointment if needed with at least 24 hour advance notice.  This is a live event. No Refunds!

May I purchase a ticket for someone else?

Of course! Please enter the appropriate player’s name in booking information before check out.

Can I purchase all of the tickets for my group at once?

Yes. Select the maximum amount of tickets available for the room. The reservation will then be under one person’s name.

Can we play the same room more than once?

Yes, however, for all guests, we ask that the puzzles remain a mystery to all new teams so please do not spoil the fun and share the answers with anyone. If you succeed, try your skills in another room!

What are the age requirements?

We allow players ages 10 and up with conditions. 10 to 13 years of age, we strongly suggest the parent or guardian to book the entire room so that you are not playing with strangers. Players ages 14 & 15 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also playing. Under certain circumstances it may benefit you to make your game private during the booking process. Even if we were comfortable making exceptions to these rules our insurance policy is not so forgiving. During private events which are held outside of our normal business hours age requirements do not apply.

We have a larger group than the capacity for each game. How can you accommodate us?

If it's not a mix of groups in the room, we usually can slide 1 or 2 more people in. Just give us a call to make arrangements.

I am purchasing fewer tickets than maximum available for that room. Does that mean the remaining slots are filled by other guests?

Yes. You may be placed into a group with other guests if your team does not fill the maximum.  If you want to avoid this you must book the entire room or make your game private at an additional charge.

What if my group and I want the whole room to ourselves?

Easy! If you want the whole room, you can buy out all the extra spots or make your game private at an additional charge.  You may also give us a call and we can set up a private event for you and your team outside of our normal business hours.