Crack The Code Escape Room was proud to present an all new event in 2018, called Escape Staunton!

Escape Staunton, a scavenger hunt blended the concepts of an escape room with aspects of the T.V. show The Amazing Race.  The teams mission, was to find all of the missing agents before the double agents find their teams.


Family and Friends were tasked with the mission to solve puzzles, decipher clues and find all of the members of Agent 22’s task force.  These secret agents were dressed in everyday attire and were scattered around the downtown Staunton area.  It was up to the teams to find the agents before the hitmen found their team!  Teams had 3 hours to locate all missing agents and collect their agent ID’s before time ran out.

Each team started at Crack The Code Escape Room and received a case box.  The case box held all the tools needed to solve the mystery.

The after party was held at Downtown 27 at The Clocktower Restaurant where the winner was announced and the prize package awarded.