Crack The Code Escape Room presents it’s 2nd city wide escape event for 2019!  This years theme is Prohibition,  Your teams mission is to find the secret Speakeasy.

Escape Staunton blends the concepts of an escape room and a scavenger hunt with aspects of the T.V. show The Amazing Race.


With the recent passing of Prohibition and organized crime in Staunton hitting new heights, The Moxie, a swanky new speakeasy has rumored to have opened somewhere in the city.  The Moxie doesn’t let in just any Joe Schmo.  Millie Mullens, Staunton socialite and owner of The Moxie has scattered clues throughout the city.  You and your friends have only 3 hours to follow her trail of clues and find her elite juice joint.

Each team will start at Crack The Code Escape Room and receive all the tools necessary to get started on their search.  Registration will be held at Crack The Code Escape Room the day of the event from 11 AM – 1 PM.

Your team name will be required when booking your spot, so make sure to have it ready!  If the members of your team are booking separately please be sure that you all enter the team name exactly the same.