Crazy Cat Lady

The owner of the house, Mabel, is on a three-day vacation. Mabel is normally a homebody, but after some convincing from her friends, she has left her cats and is on vacation. Her cats are everything to her and she trusted you to take care of her cat babies while she’s away.

Something has gone terribly wrong — her favorite cat has gone missing! Mabel is very attached to all of her cats and will be home in an hour. Please find the missing cat before she arrives home and truly goes crazy.

8-15 years old with adult supervision

🕒 Time
60 Minutes

💰 Price
$32.00 – $40.00 USD

🐱 Players
2 – 6

🏃‍♂️ Escape Rate

Test Your Problem-Solving Skills

With the clock ticking, can you keep your cool and solve the mystery before time runs out?

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